Joseph Ingoldsby, ASLA, American Society of Landscape Architects

Living Classrooms: Butterfly Effigy Mounds, Westport, MA
Bringing science, ecology and permaculture alive for schoolchildren. View Images

Hazelwood Park, New Bedford, MA
Community Orchard of Heirloom Apples and Pears Supplied by JEI View Images

Landscape Restoration, Westport, MA
Landscape Inventory, Exsisting Conditions Plan, Landscape Design, Landscape Restoration Plan, Transplating, Landscape Installation View Images

Norwell House, Norwell, MA
Site Analysis, Consultation, Design, Site Layout, Master Plan, Historic Narratives, View Plan

Little Moss Rooftop Garden
Design and plant herbs and vegetables within the rooftop planters at the Little Moss Restaurant located in South Dartmouth, MA Link

Ricketson's Point
Consult and create a heritage orchard, raised granite, cobbelstone edged vegetable gardens for organic herbs, vegetables and fruits for the Beach Plum Cafe and Little Moss Restaurant located in South Dartmouth, MA Link

Trout Stream and Riverine Corridor Restoration Designs
Colgate University, Hamilton, New York Link

Heirloom Apple Orchard Design
Colgate University Arboretum, Hamilton, NY Link

The Mall at Walpole Client: Rubin-Pachulski Properties, LLC
Natural landscape in an unnatural setting
Landscape analysis and design of the wetlands, perimeter buffer zone, parking-lot plantings. View Photos

Willett Pond Wetland Permits, Walpole, MA
Landscape analysis, design, wetland permitting. View Photos

Duxbury Bay Family Compound
Working with the structure of the built landscape and the architecture of the site, the landscape was planted out as a series of formal gardens at the house and lawn terraces, and natural landscapes at the woods, wetlands and fields. View Photos

Design, restoration and maintenance of the barrier beach landscape on Saquish. Native grasses, forbs, shrubs and trees were planted to catch the shifting sand. View Photos

Coolidge Point
Work included construction of a granite perimeter wall, granite piers with hand-cut, cedar pickets. Site work included the removal of invasive greenbrier and poison ivy, resetting massive stone ledges, planting with coastal plant materials, and reconstructing a hurricane damaged stone sea wall. Read More & View Photos

Cohasset Golf Club
Design layout and installation oversight of native woodland and cultivated gardens, walls, terraces. Tennis court overlook, pergola structures designed. Management Plan written.

Coastal Courtyard, Duxbury MA
Create an entry courtyard planted with sun-loving coastal ground covers, perennials, grasses, deciduous and evergreen shrubs and trees. View Photos

North River Stream Corridor Enhancement
Site analysis, master plan, phased implementation of wetland enhancements and stream and pond improvements from a forested hillside to the North River of a 23-acre private compound. Extensive planting of woodland, meadow and specific habitat zones from fresh water to brackish water of a tidal river.





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