Joseph Ingoldsby, ASLA, American Society of Landscape Architects

J. E. INGOLDSBY, ASLA, Environmental Design and Planning ( RESUME LINK )
is a small firm practicing environmental analysis, design and planning. The ecological emphasis of the firm focuses on the documentation, protection and enhancement of natural resources on a regional level, and public environmental education and community outreach on a local level. We utilize environmental design and construction, lectures, gallery and site installations to broaden the public's understanding and appreciation of the native landscape. Further, we are capable of completing promotional materials using graphics, computer illustrations and web design to market and publicize concepts and planning for local and regional projects.
Private work includes: Site analysis, historic research, landscape design for corporations, private homes and estates, country farms and city townhouses.  Being located in New England, private work includes designs for coastal conditions, seaside gardens and landscapes, coastal bank restorations, pond reclamation, stream corridor enhancement and natural storm-water runoff retention systems. Sustainable farm and habitat restoration to encourage bio-diversity and plantings for wildlife are specialties.

Connecticut River Diadromous Fish Migration Visualization Proposal
Video monitoring of the diadromous fish species on the Connecticut River, MA. Anadromous Awakening uses the return of the diadromous species including both anadromous and catadromous fish as a metaphor for the renewal of the riverside cities of Springfield, Holyoke, Hadley and Turner's Falls. At Turner's Falls the return of the anadromous fish is celebrated through public art works. Link

Trout Stream and Riverine Corridor Restoration Designs
Colgate University, Hamilton, New York Link

Heirloom Apple Orchard Design
Colgate University Arboretum, Hamilton, NY Link

River Rise Farm
Heirloom 17th century, 18th century, 19th century apple orchards of eating, cooking, keeping, cider and hard cider apples grown from grafted trees grown organically on land situated on a hilltop above the North River in North Marshfield. Organic heirloom apples supplied to the Boston Food Project, Audubon Society, to Flour Bakery and to the 5 star L’Espalier Restaurant, Boston, Mass. Heirloom apple tree grafts supplied to Coggeshall Farm, Bristol, RI and Historic Deerfield, MA. Link

The Mall at Walpole
Client: Rubin-Pachulski Properties, LLC
Landscape analysis and design of the wetlands, perimeter buffer zone, parking-lot plantings.

Willett Pond Wetland Permits, Walpole, MA
Landscape analysis, design, wetland permitting.

Anadromous Awakening
Collaborators: Neponset River Watershed, U-MA, MA Division of Marine  Fisheries
Interactive work of water temperature and nutrient analysis from Boston Harbor to the tidal rivers tied to thermal mapping and the seasonal runs of smelt, herring and shad. Multimedia Installations charting the spawning runs of anadromous fish using scientific sampling, computer mapping, satellite imagery and interactive web work. 

Fresh Pond Reservation Natural Resource Inventory and Stewardship Plan, Cambridge, MA
Natural and cultural landscape analysis and research, CAD and GIS data collection for computer mapping, plots and report with Rizzo Associates, Inc. Design recommendations for the enhancement of the natural and cultural landscape, Writing and illustration for reports. Community outreach.

Cohasset Golf Club                                                                                                           
Design layout and installation oversight of native woodland and cultivated gardens, walls, terraces. Tennis court overlook, pergola structures designed.  Management Plan written.

Stream Corridor Enhancement                                                                                        
Site analysis, master plan, phased implementation of wetland enhancements and stream and pond improvements from a forested hillside to the North River of a 23-acre private compound. Extensive planting of woodland, meadow and specific habitat zones from fresh water to brackish water of a tidal river.

North and South Rivers Watershed Anadromous Fish Project                           
Local, county and state coordinated proposal to restore anadromous fish habitat, create a river corridor open space network, and develop maintenance and education programs to protect and interpret natural and cultural resources.

Neponset River Basin:  Estuary Area of Critical Environmental Concern        
Multi community and state agency proposal to protect, enhance and restore the natural and cultural resources of the Neponset River Estuary. Input to MA. GIS program for resource and boundary delineation on GIS map.  Input into current MA. D. E. M. Management Plan for the Neponset Estuary.

Blair Pond Analysis
Commonwealth of MA Riverways
Grant to study Blair Pond for restoration of habitat and context,
in collaboration with Fugro McClelland (East) and the MA. Division of Marine Fisheries.

Neponset River Basin:  Fowl Meadow and Ponkapoag Bog  A.C.E.C.
A thirteen community proposal to protect the main stem of the Neponset River through the delineation of a 9,000 acre reserve. Documentation of the significant resources and rationale for their protection.





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Fresh Pond Reservation Natural Resource Inventory and Stewardship Plan, Cambridge, MA