Joseph Ingoldsby, ASLA, American Society of Landscape Architects

Hazelwood Park, New Bedford, MA
Community Orchard of Heirloom Apples and Pears Supplied by JEI View Images

Dartmouth Heritage Trail
A series of historic village kiosks highlighting the diverse regional history of the town of Dartmouth on the South Coast of Massachusetts Link

Trout Stream and Riverine Corridor Restoration Designs
Colgate University, Hamilton, New York Link

Heirloom Apple Orchard Design
Colgate University Arboretum, Hamilton, NY Link

River Rise Farm
Heirloom 17th century, 18th century, 19th century apple orchards of eating, cooking, keeping, cider and hard cider apples grown from grafted trees grown organically on land situated on a hilltop above the North River in North Marshfield. Organic heirloom apples supplied to the Boston Food Project, Audubon Society, to Flour Bakery and to the 5 star L’Espalier Restaurant, Boston, Mass. Heirloom apple tree grafts supplied to Coggeshall Farm, Bristol, RI and Historic Deerfield, MA. Link

The Burleighfield Experience
Sir Patrick Reytiens and Anne Bruce were the creative principals at Burleighfield House, Loud Water, Buckinghamshire, England. Students traveled from around the world to study stained glass, painting, printmaking and pottery. I was invited to help restore the period gardens and to create grotto mosaics, formal gardens and thematic gardens on the terraced estate overlooking the river valley below.
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