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Living Classrooms: Butterfly Effigy Mounds, Westport, MA
Westport Community Schools are pleased to enrich the education of our children with programs that are multidisciplinary. We are actively fundraising through grants and private donations to bring these programs to life. Currently, we are working to complete a Living Classrooms project at the Macomber Primary School. In the first phase, partially funded through a Cultural Council Helen E. Ellis Trust grant, planning for butterfly gardens was completed, twenty butterfly field guides were distributed to teachers for classroom use, and a Lloyd Environmental Center scientist was brought in to speak of the natural history of butterflies and to tag and release monarch butterflies in the schoolyard. A supplemental exhibit was mounted in the Westport Free Public Library and Helen E. Ellis case on the life history and migration of monarch butterflies.

We are currently fundraising for Phase 2 of the Living Classrooms project to construct three monumental Butterfly Effigy Mounds at the Macomber Primary School lawn. The Butterfly shaped mounds will be planted with food and nectar plants to supplement classroom learning of science, ecology, and art. Students raise Monarch butterflies from emerging caterpillars to tagged and released butterflies. Butterfly Effigy Mounds will provide nectar to the butterflies as they begin their journey south for the winter. An illustration of the Butterfly Effigy Mounds Plan drawn by Joseph E. Ingoldsby, visiting artist is shown below.

Currently private and corporate sponsorships and donations are being
solicited for the Living Classrooms Fund. This funding will allow for the completion of the
Butterfly Effigy Mounds and the Orchard and berry patch on the backside of the modular
classrooms and the extension of the existing vegetable gardens with raised beds.
We hope to raise $35,000 to complete the series of Living Classrooms for the Macomber
School grounds as illustrated on plan drawn by Joseph E. Ingoldsby, ASLA, Environmental
Design and Planning, Westport, MA

Won’t you help to bring life to this innovative educational project at the Macomber Primary School with a tax-deductible contribution to the Town of Westport Community Schools - Living Classrooms Fund?

Checks made out to:
Town of Westport Community Schools -
Notation: Living Classrooms Fund

Can be sent to:
Westport Community Schools
17 Main Road,
Westport, MA 02790

Thank you.


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